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Get 10 Satoshi to 10000 Satoshi every 24 hours, Click roll --> visit short link --> Skip Ad --> Get Reward. Check frequently the time difference between rolls will change often in coming days.


This is the place where you can increase the claim amount for a short period, activating on the first will double your base claim for 30 mins, activated after 2nd day double claim will last for 1:15 hrs and so on...


Random 3 users awarded the treasure Pot rewards every week. Collect stakes by claiming free bitcoin & by visiting shortlinks in the treasure pot page which gives you additions satoshi direct to your main balance.


Claim Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoincash, Dashcoin every 10 minutes, Which can be doubled while fulfilling the Loyal users requirement. Any altcoin can be converted to EMTcoins and vice versa also EMTc can be converted to bitcoin.


Daily Bonus awarded to top 5 users who claims more time. Bonus will be rewarded based on the Total BTC Free Claims done by the winner from 50% to 10% for top 5 users everyday respectively


Get 50% comissions for referring users to EARNMONEYTALK. Your referral commissions are added to your main account balance. Which can be viewed in the referral section. Simply promote your referral URL or share it with everyone.