Double claim is the place where you can claim and activate to double regular claim for certain period, Claim period is given in the table below. Everyday you can come and collect a stick which can be used to boost your income for a interval of time. Along with the stick you get 10 satoshi added to your account for every stick not used that day. Don't forget to collect your stick every 24 hours. Because forgetting that, will forfeit all your current sticks!

No. of Stick packs Instant Bonus Double Claim period
X 1 0 SAT30 Minutes
X 2 10 SAT1 Hour 15 Minutes
X 3 20 SAT2 Hours
X 4 30 SAT3 Hours
X 5 40 SAT4 Hours
X 6 50 SAT5 Hours 30 Minutes
X 7 60 SAT7 Hours 15 Minutes
X 8 70 SAT10 Hours
X 9 80 SAT12 Hours
X 10 90 SAT24 Hours