If you have at least 10000 satoshi for first time in your account you can request a withdraw to your FaucetHUB account. Go to payment - Push Withdraw Button -- You will recieve your satoshi within 2 working days. Your minimum Payment threshold for Payment Request will start at 10000 Satoshi and gradually increase for each Payment Request as 20000, 30000, 40000, 50000. and will be at 50000 Satoshi for the rest payment.

On profile page you are able to change your bitcoin address. Be sure that address is linked to FaucetHUB in order to receive payments. Alternatively you can change bitcoin address in payment page while requesting withdraw.

You can get your referral link from referral page, you get 50% of base rate from every claim only if you have claimed within 24 hours of your referral claim. If you haven't claimed for more than 24 hours referall earnings for those period will not be credited to you.

In referral page at the bottom you can see the stats of the referral earnings and total number of referrals under you

Free roll is where you get additional sathothis for visiting a short link, time difference between 2 free rolls changes dynamically, so vist the page often to check when the next free roll could be done.