13 ways to bring traffic to a blog

Many people think that being a professional blogger is an easy job with very few challenges. They think that bloggers mostly hang out in coffee shops as the money pours in. what they don’t hear about are the many challenges faced by bloggers and how many bloggers end up quitting along the way.

One of the biggest challenges of professional blogging is attracting organic traffic and keeping it. Blogging is a business and for you to make money, you must have people visiting your blog. In other words, traffic is the bane of a blogger’s existence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of blogging. One thing that the top bloggers do very well is optimizing their blog posts and making them more visible in the search engines. As a blogger, you must make SEO one of your top priorities.

Here are 13 ways to bring traffic to your blog:

1. Crafting captivating headlines

Headlines play an important role in capturing the attention of visitors. Whatever you do, make sure you craft a headline that is absolutely irresistible. But that is not to say that a headline will help you get away with subpar content. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that people visit your blog repeatedly.

2. Create top-notch content

You want to create content that can stand the test of time and not content that becomes irrelevant in just a matter of days. Content about this year’s Nobel Prize nominations may not be relevant after the winner is announced. However, something like “The greatest boxing wins of all time” will be relevant for a long time.

3. Optimize for mobile gadgets and loading speed

As a blogger, going mobile should be a no-brainer. The number of hours that people spend on their mobile phones and tablets means that this is a demographic that you just can’t afford to ignore. At the same time, check your site for loading speed. If your page takes too long to load, visitors are simply going to move on to the next site.

4. Commenting on other blogs

Relating positively with other bloggers helps create a win-win situation for everyone. By commenting on their posts of featuring them in your posts, you make it clear to Google, other bloggers and your audience that you are not a spammer. At the same time, other bloggers will reciprocate by featuring you or retweeting your posts, thereby exposing you to more traffic.

5. Backlinks

Backlinks are a very important aspect of SEO. Basically, they are links to other blogs and websites which help direct visitors to those sites to your blog and vice versa. Building relations with those sites gives you an opportunity to generate organic traffic that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to generate for your blog.

6. Social media sharing

Social media is one of the ultimate game changers for bloggers. Sharing your blogs on social media helps tremendously as far as exposure and attention are concerned. With every social share, your blog’s reach will expand to some extent.

7. Strategic use of keywords

You must know how to use keywords that people looking for content like yours are most likely to use. If you can sprinkle those keywords around your blog posts in a strategic way, you will significantly improve your SEO results. However, you must also be careful not to stuff your posts with keywords because that can compromise their quality.

8. Restructure your posts

Your material should be appropriate for your target audience. It’s very difficult to bring traffic to your blog when the level of engagement with your audience is very low. The comments section can tell you a lot about what people think about your content. If all you are getting are one or two-worded comments like “nice post” then you probably didn’t capture their attention. Knowing your core audience and speaking their language is critical.

9. Guest blogging

This is a great way to build strong and high-quality relationships that can help you build some great backlinks. However, it is important to note that it is not just about getting your posts featured on every blog. If you can find blogs that rank highly or have a strong social influence, then those are the ones that will give you great mileage.

10. Email traffic generation

With the billions of email accounts that exist worldwide, it’s amazing how much you can achieve by nurturing email subscribers. Of course, there are a very high number of dormant email accounts out there. The best way to ensure that you are not just trying to reach a non-existent audience is by building your own specialized email list. This way, you will not only ensure that a high number actually open your newsletters, you will also get the benefit of word-of-mouth referrals.

11. Use of images

By including images in your posts, you will be making your content more engaging and also creating another avenue for search engines to be able to find you. In order to get the maximum benefit from the use of images, make sure that you name them correctly and in accordance with your keywords for the post.

12. Blog consistently

If you are going to create a big impact with your blog, you must blog at a high frequency. The challenge here is to find a way of generating new ideas regularly. There are various ways you can do this. These include looking out for other blogs to know what is going on, updating your readers with the latest industry news, getting feedback from your visitors and asking questions on social media.

13. Reader and viewer subscriptions

Offer your audience an opportunity to subscribe to the site. Being a subscriber comes with the benefit of getting notifications whenever there is a new blog post. When visitors can be notified, it becomes easier for your content to reach them even when they are not looking for it.

In summary

Blogging is one of the most fulfilling occupations. What can be better than earning an income by sharing your passion with others? However, if you are going to be a successful blogger, it will take a bit more than having a passion. Generating traffic for your blog is the hardest part. But with desire and self-discipline, you have every chance to succeed.

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