Altcoins EMT faucet

We’ve introduced 4 altcoins for now and will introduce more coins later
Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoincash, Dashcoin

Claim timer 10 mins

Litecoin – 300 sats per claim
Dogecoin – 0.1 doge per claim
Bitcoincash – 30 sats per claim
Dashcoin – 100 sats per claim

Reward are doubled for loyal users

Loyal eligblity

minimum 1 free claim everyday for past 7 days
minimum 6 free rolls for past 7 days
minimum 6 sticks collected for past 7 days
minimum 1 treasurepot stake collected everyday for past 7 days

rewards for loyal users

Litecoin – 600 sats per claim
Dogecoin – 0.2 doge per claim
Bitcoincash – 60 sats per claim
Dashcoin – 200 sats per claim

you can convert or withdraw all altcoins – this option is available in your profile page

Referral commission is 10% regardless of his activeness in the faucet, so referrer will always receive his commission without doing anything.

Visit here to claim 

Thanks for your support stay tuned for more updates

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