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What is Bitcoin Faucet ?


It is a website which gives out small portion of bitcoin for small activity like completing a captcha, viewing an ad, etc… Visiting websites, watching videos, downloading apps comes under micro tasks where bitcoin reward will be little extra than faucets. Usually faucet website will contain captcha which needs to be solved to claim bitcoins, Inreturn they get earning from the ads they populated in their websites. sonearly a win-win situation.
During the initial period of bitcoin faucets we introduced to give away bitcoin to new users to try out and use bitcoin in return bitcoin community grows, Later faucet has changed to be a profitable business for the websites, Nowadays running a faucets is so difficult due to very less options for advertising, bot attacks, competition etc… Mainly profit for faucet owners decreased because of adsense banning faucet networks.

How does Faucet work ?

The basic principle of faucets from giving away few sathoshi to try out bitcoins changed to a profitable business by having ads and other activities in the website. So basically a visitor or mrmber getting paid to do some activity like solving captcha, visiting websites, viewing advertisement, completing surveys, etc… But remember these things doesn’t make you rich or even you can’t lead a life without hundreds of active referrals, Yep you heard right referrals most of the faucets have referral programs and you geta part of what your referral claims for free.
As Far as the faucets owners, they get profit from the ads displayed on te faucet page. So this is like a cycle, faucet owners displays ads he gets paid for the traffic, users visits faucets to get a portion of the faucet owner’s profit. But unfortunately most faucet owners doesn’t make profit initially, which results in closing the faucet. So while trying out faucet don’t expect them to run for a long term

Maximize your faucet earning

To get most out of the faucets you need to find exact method of faucets. The faucets are websites which has more ads displayed on a single page, sometimes with or without any content. Some of them even try to place ads in a tricky ways so that you click the ads instead of claim button. So the traffic and ads are so cheap and the faucet owners get paid a decent amount only when a tons of visitors come to their websites. Thus the claiming bitcoin is propotional to the number of visits, So the best way to get traffic for both owners and users are referrals.
Referrals are people whome you have introduced to the faucet where they claim bitcoins like you do and inreturn you get a percentage of their claim to your wallet. usually these percentage will be from 5% to 100%, So choose faucets which gives more than 50% of referral earnings and get referrals for the faucet to make a decent income. Remember you can’t have life with single faucet and a few hundred referrals. so there came a new kind of websites called faucet rotator, Its just a collection of faucets which displays one by one to solve the captcha, makes easier for the user to visit all faucets witout typing the the url or boomarking all the faucet.

Avoid Bitcoin faucet

Free sathoshi given for your time is not worth. Go find some good work to earn more, Even if you have more referrals and earn 0.001 bitcoin per day (approx $0.8) so per month $24. So the numbers says it not worth it, yep i understand what you are thinking $24 per month just for solving captcha for few times is good. Remember you can get such bitcoins only if yo have hundreds of active referrals. You would have spend more time to get those referrals.
After all these to spend that 0.03BTC you need to spend more mining fee since all these sathoshi came to your wallet bit by bit, resulting the size of transaction and mining fee higher. So if you are capable of getting so much referrals create your own faucet site and get traffic to your website which will reslt in more revenue for you.

Best Bitcoin Wallet (Faucet claiming)

We need to choose optimal wallet for faucet claiming, These suggestion give are based on reducing mining fee to transfer bitcoin along with security of your coins.
Coinbase – This web wallet provides free sending and receieving bitcoins without any mining fee, The site is very secured and continously tested by hackers for vulnireablity, Additional features ar you can store bitcoin in its vault which is insured. Buying and selling bitcoins also available for users in some countries, Even though they don’t have buy and sell options for all countries, their referall program is attractive.
Xapo – This is another wallet which can be trusted for micro payments,since they do not charge any mining fee to transfer and send bitcoins. but the site has issues with identity verification. So donot store more bitcoins in xapo till those issues resolved

List of bitcoin & cryptocoin faucet
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