Extra rewards for visits to referral url

Get paid for every unique visit (per day) to your referral URL.

           Earn Satoshi to promote your referral URL . More visits you bring, more earnings. You can get more websites on the net where you can promote your referral url, the beauty is you get paid even if the visitor doesn’t join as your referral. If he joins you get 50% of his free claim earnings.


           We count unique visits per day (server time) which adds 2 satoshi (approx $0.0002) every visit to your main balance, There is no limit in promoting your referral link. Though we have few terms regarding this program

  • Valid visit – visits from accepted traffic sources with minimum of complete page loaded (we don’t check any waiting time on the site) with minimum browser frame of 800 x 500 pixels (we don’t count mobile views).
  • Mostly accepted traffic sources are from manual traffic exchanges, rev share, PTC sites, social networks, advertising, etc…
  • Non valid visit – autosurf, ptp, pop under, rotators, No referrer / direct visits, Fake referrer, Non-traceable, Hidden iframes, Visits through proxies/VPN, existing user of EMT etc…
  • Illegal means – sending unsolicited e-mails, spamming, by defrauding other sites, etc…
  • Visits from blacklisted websites are never paid. Click here to view the blacklisted websites


    10khits.com 247autohits.com adhitbursts.com ads.limosnerosdelinter.net
    ads4rotate.com adsmodern.com adyou.me adzbux.com
    adzskip.com alexamaster.com alexasurfing.com automoneysurf.com
    autosurf4u.com autosurfmaisvisitas.com.br autosurfmax.com autowebsurf.com
    baidu.com bestptcad.com bestptp.fr bighits4u.com
    bitcoin4clicks.com bitssurfer.com blog.ads4rotate.com buxinside.com
    buxxter.net clikerz.net dimondclix.com e-cik.com
    easyrotator.net ebesucher.com ebesucher.ru epicbux.com
    epicclix.com etrafficsurge.net exc.10khits.com explosivetraffic.net
    followfast.com followlike.net freerotator.com freetraf.ru
    globalrotator.com google.com hit4hit.org hitleap.com
    hitlink.com infinitytrafficboost.com lexiadz.com likesplanet.com
    linkcollider.com mahansurf.com manyhit.com myadrotator.com
    n1rotator.com noclick.ru northclicks.com oliveadverts.com
    otohits.net pagerankcafe.com pay4task.online planetclix.net
    pzearn.us rotate4all.com rotate4all.in rotate4all.tk
    rotatemyads.net rubserf.ru sanndo.tk sejfik.com
    seo-fast.ru seo-surf.ru sitexplosion.com socpublic.com
    spinmysite.com surf.bestptp.fr surfwithmoney.com t.co
    takethatvideos.club thebestlolvideos.club tinyurl.com traffic2bitcoin.com
    trafficreturn.com txxx.com ultimateclixx.com universal4ads.com
    viclix.com viraltecoop.com visitasgratis.es visitaspirata.com
    vk.com vzturl.com wallpapermatrix.com websyndic.com
    wmrfast.com yahoo.com youcan5star.com

Go ahead and bring visits to your referral url and get paid even if they didn’t register under you.

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