Glance at earnings from EMT Faucet

Ways to earn from EMT

1. 5 satoshi every 5 mins (no daily limit)
If you can’t claim every 5 mins you can change claim timer in profile page

i. 20 satoshi every 30 mins
ii. 35 satoshi every 1 hour

2. Free Roll 25 satoshi to 10000 satoshi every day once

3. Double claim
Will give double satoshi in free claim when activated.
If not activated you get 10 satoshi added to your main balance everyday upto 90 satoshi everyday.

4. Altcoins
Currenty we give 4 altcoins LTC – 300, Doge – 0.1, BCH – 30, Dash – 100 every 10 minutes
These altcoins reward will be doubled when you fulfill the below conditions

Free claim everyday for past 7 days
6 free rolls for past 7 days
6 sticks collected for past 7 days
1 treasurepot stake collected everyday for past 7 days

After fulfilling these conditions you get LTC – 600, Doge – 0.2, BCH – 60, Dash – 200 every 10 minutes

You can withdraw altcoins to faucethub or you can convert them to EMT coins in profile page.

Note: EMT coins can be converted to any altcoins or even to bitcoin in the profile page.

Extra earnings from EMT Faucet

1. Treasure pot (approx 20000 bitcoin every week)
You get 1 satke for every free claim
You can get additional stake and bitcoin satoshi by visiting short urls in the treasurepot page

2. Referral
you get 50% of the bitcoin claimed by your referrals
you get 10% of altcoins claimed by your referrals
You get 2 satoshi for every visit to your referral URL

3. Daily contest
Top 5 users get 50% to 10% of their bitcoin earnings everyday

4. Payment proof
Get paid 500 satoshi everytime when you post your payment proof in our bitcointalk thread

Lets go for a calculation

Free Claim
5 satoshi every 5 mins and 12 hours a day = 710 satoshi
20 satoshi every 30 mins and 12 hours a day = 460 satoshi
35 satoshi every 1 hour and 12 hours a day = 420 satoshi

Free Roll
Lets keep minimum = 25 satoshi

Double Claim
Everday activated with 5 mins claim = 25 satoshi
If not activated from 10 day everyday = 90 satoshi

300 Ltc every 10 mins for 12 hours a day = 21000 LTC
0.1 Doge every 10 mins for 12 hours a day = 7 Doge
30 BCH every 10 mins for 12 hours a day = 2100 BCH
100 Dash every 10 mins for 12 hours a day = 7000 Dash

If you’re eligible for 2x rewards you would getevrything doubled

Note: Every altcoin can be exchanged to other altcoin and bitcoin via EMT coins in the profile page

Referral earnings are extra and based on your referral claim and the visits you send for your referral urls

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