Start your own bitcoin Faucet – Part One

Part One
  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Faucet Script
  4. Captcha
  5. Micro-wallet
  6. Advertisement
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Part Two
Faucet List
Extra Earnings
Running Succesfully
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If you have come here i understand you knew about bitcoin & alt-coin
faucets and methods to make money through them, I’ll go straightly to the steps to start
a faucet and make it run profitable!

Domain Name

First let me start with free domain names

1. Freenom

This service provides free domains under 4 TLDs. .TK / .ML / .GA / .CF / .GQ You can use them as normal .com domains, the only difference is that record will be in freenom name. If you wish to buy that domain later to update record it
costs $6.95 per year
Click here to register in freenom


This is similar to freenom, they too have same tld for free
Click here to register in  

Domain Name & Hosting

1. 000Webhost

Its free hosting but the resources are limited, your site might go down often. they to have paid hostings but i don’t suggest to use 000webhost for paid servers.
Click here to register in 000webhost

2. Name Cheap

The best place to buy standalone domain. The prices are better that other famous domain registrars. Has good collection of TLDs, I’d say this the the best place to go if you’re planning for long run and for professional site. Additional benefit is they
accept bitcoin as payment. But their hosting plans are bit costly than others, which make their support super fast.
Click here to register in Name Cheap

3. Hostinger

Hostinger provides free hosting or affordable unlimited hosting, Many api like coinbase, doesn’t properly work here, but if you’re planning to use microwallet then go for it If you buy any kind of hosting package with Hostinger, you
get a domain free with your purchase with a number of TLDs. In addition, you can buy a domain separately.
Click here to register in hostinger


1. AWS Amazon

I’d recommend to have you faucet hosted here if you’re really wanted to be in the business for long time, best and cheapest in this class They have free trial for 1 year, which would be easier to start with and increase the server resource when needed
in future according to your traffic and income.
Click here to register in AWS Amazon

Faucet Script

There are many paid scripts, In my personal view build a custom one or just go for free scripts, Coz free and paid scripts doesn’t differ too much. So i am gonna list only free scripts for now.

1. Coinbox

After uploading the files to your server Open config.php and enter your database information, coinbox/coinbox.php to config short link reward and status (the reward is in satoshi, 100.000.000 satoshi = 1 coin (doge, bitcoin,eth,…)) For further discussion
and clarification visit here

2. Faucetscript – faucetcms

Allows to use FaucetHUB and FausetSystem on one faucet at the same time. They are planning to introduce XAPO and direct payouts.

3. Alpha Faucet Script

Another free script by a bitcoin talk user for installation instruction and doubts visit here

4. salmen Script

The script good and of-course free but it sends 1 satoshi to the script owner on every claim, If you’re okay with that go ahead with this script. For instruction and doubts visit here

5. Faucetinabox

This script is from makejar who has a wonderful tool anti-bot links, So if you use this script installing anti-bot links would be easy and adds more security against bots.


1. Solvemedia

Most commonly used captcha in faucets, which also pays money to faucet owners when users solves their captcha. But most users complain recently about not crediting for solves including my self. but as far the user experience, solvemedia is the best
out there in the market.

2. Re captcha

As all of us know re captcha is from google and best possible option to fight bots, but for almost all faucet users re-captcha is pain in the ass. Our recommendation is to avoid using in claims, but use them in password reset, payment request, etc…

3. Funcaptcha

Good and easy captcha for humans, Mostly you need solvers to solve these kind of captchas. Which gives advantage on OCR not working in these type. You need to upgrade to partners account to get paid from them for the users solving captcha.

4. Rain captcha

It’s different process captha which shows 10 second Ad for the users and pays the publisher. But most of the faucet users struggle to solve this captcha and hate them. Unless you give a hefty reward don’t use this captcha to earn.

5. CaptchMe

Its run by attentiveads, Good captcha for faucets but loading time and browser hangs are common issue with this captcha. But you would get good income when users solves this captcha. We would recommend to uses this as alternative captcha along with
some other. Usually giving option for solving captcha between different captcha services is always good.


Paying users through blockchain became costly for faucet payout, SO mostly recommended to use micro wallets like faucetbox which closed its operation, but there are few which is still running.

1. Faucetsystem

I really appreciate it coz to receive payout users doesn’t need to register or login, after 20K satoshi reached in particular btc address, coins are sent every Sunday. their fees for transaction is 1% for sender and 2% for the receiver. to add funds
for your faucets just 1% is deducted from deposits. but they have only BTC and LTC

2. Faucethub

It’s a micro wallet created after faucetbox announced its closure, which grew more than i microwallet now they support nine crypto currency now. trusted by most users & widely used by most faucets. good supporting features like chat, forum, news
section, lottery, etc… It has really to to the name HUB.

3. Coinpot

It’s nearly a private micro wallet for moon faucets, few others like bitfun, bonus bitcoin also uses coinpot as their micro wallet. maybe you can contact them to add your faucet too. but not much details about them available currently. There are some
micro wallets which is either turned scam are did not attract sufficient users, so just choose one or multiple of the above micro wallets.


Now you have chosen domain hosting, script, captcha & micro wallet. Next thing we have look into is about generating mainstream revenue for the faucet which would be displaying Ads on the faucet site. Here are the list of Ad networks that accept

1. A-Ads

Probably the best ad networks available for new faucets, No approval needed. Just create ad format place them on your faucet & get paid. I have used this network on all of my bitcoin projects and have been paid by it every time without fail. This
ad network is for banner and text ads.

2. Adhitz

This a CPC Ad networks, You get paid only when someone clicks on their ads. It’s on the list Coz they dont have any traffic or domain age requirement to display Ads on the faucet. Probable you could start with these 2 Ads at the begining.

3. PopAds

The name suggests they kind of ads, Earlier the faucets with pop ads are ignored by users. But in recent time I haven’t seen faucets without pop ads. except few like freebitcoin. So with these 3 Ads you can start your faucets, After you have gathered
popularity and traffic. Try these Ad networks too to increase your earnings.

4. Bitcoadz

5. Bitmedia

6. WNP

7. Bitraffic

8. Mellowads

Forget about cointraffic and coinzilla they don’t accept faucets any more.

Part Two Coming Soon

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