Survey result 01-06-2018

PopAds                                                  No of ads per page

0 popup –632                                        0 ads – 256
1 popup – 392                                        3 ads – 432
2 popup – 1248                                     5 ads – 1584



           Altcoin Faucet            Offer Wall             Web Miner

Yes          1248                              416                            432

No           1024                              1856                          1840



Funny to see zero ads per page, coz everyone knows faucets earn by ads or and gambling, since we don’t plan to have gambling in near future.

As far as web miner is concerned, we think many mis-understood with hidden miner, we were just asking about implementing miner in single page where you can use webminer to earn extra.

So after the poll results we’ll be considering 2 things pop ads and altcoin faucet

  1. Pop ads will remain same ( might increase clicks on ads)
  2. Altcoins faucet will be introduced within this week

Initially you can claim bitcoincash, dogecoin, litecoin, dashcoin with 10 minutes timer

More details about Altcoins faucet will be published soon

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