Top Manual Traffic Exchanges

What & How traffic exchanges work ?

TE Concept was good and worked well in the beginning ages of internet, Just viewing others website in exchange others view your website. This is done through traffic exchange websites, In simple TE are sites which keeps the number of visits and allot the view for his own websites etc.

To get visits to your website, spending credits is required. get credits by viewing websites provided traffic sites, this depends on the ratio set by individual TE Sites. ratio means how many sites to be surfed before getting a credit, so that can be used to make others view your site. Most of the TE gives option to buy credits with money to avoid viewing others website to earn credits.

Negative factors of traffic exchanges

There are many software in the market for free as well as for a price which would view the website in the background to earn credits. So if 50% of the users does this only 50% of your credits are used legitimately and other views are just by the bots not by humans. If the ratio is not 1:1 then your legitimate visits to website goes more waste.

The best way is to regulate the traffic exchange. Monitoring the actions done by people browsing through TE network, blocking the bot when detected, invalidate credits, ban the user, etc… Most of the below sites heavily enforce ratios, ban users with bots, more often human interference such as captcha or simple tasks.

There are many traffic exchange sites emerge everyday but most doesn’t last long, so we have carefully picked the top 10 manual traffic exchanges here.

Website Ratio Timer Description
Easyhits4u 1 15 $0.30 per 1,000 pages, $0.10 per referral. Site, text link & banner – geotargeting.
Hitlink 1 4 Weekly jackpot with credits and referrals. ad exchange, 50% commissions – Geotargeting
Listsurfing 1 6 Daily surfer rewards with credits, referral -geotargeting
Trafficera 1 6 Daily surfer rewards with credits, referral -geotargeting
Hitsboosterpro 0.4 8 Daily surfer rewards with credits, referral earning -geotargeting
Traffic-splash 0.3 6 Customizable upgraded membership. Bonuses for surfing all KRM exchanges simultaneously.
Rotate4all 0 4 pays money to view & for others view
Ilovehits 0.2 2 Popular exchange with generous surf rewards
Startxchange 0.35 3 Surfing Bonus, requent cross-site promos, referral earning -geotargeting
Tezzers 0.4 8 Cash prizes while surfing, unique branding ads, up to 50% commissions from referral upgrades.
Membersrule 0.4 10 $0.10 per referral, up to 45% cash commissions. Top-level upgrade comes with revenue sharing

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